Check out this handy infographic to learn how to become a tax volunteer.

Tax Savvy Volunteering:
Your Step-by-Step Guide with Resources

1Complete Coassemble Courses #1 & #2

2. Complete initial Link&Learn exams (required for ALL volunteers): Volunteer Standards of Conduct & Intake/Interview
3. Complete Coassemble Courses #3 & #4 (TaxSlayer courses)

4. Sign up for an in-person OR virtual training session in the “Events” section (in-person recommended for new volunteers):
In-person training classes
Virtual training classes

5. Complete certification Link&Learn exams (Basic and/or Advanced)
6. Upload your Volunteer Agreement to your Volunteer Profile!
How to Upload your Volunteer Agreement

Training Resources

Coassemble (for introductory online courses)

Link&Learn (for IRS certification exams)

TaxSlayer Practice Lab (password: TRAINPROWEB)

IRS Publications

Pub. 4012 – Main “textbook” for VITA volunteers. (Hard copies available at CWF’s main office.) 

Pub. 6744 – Test booklet with all Link&Learn Certification exam questions. (Hard copies available at CWF’s main office.)

Pub. 4491 – VITA training guide for supplemental info or self-certification.

Pub. 5299 – Quality Review refresher

Pub. 4011 – Foreign Student Resource Guide

Supplemental Resources

2023 IRS Certification Exam Study Guides

These are great tools that provide hints and Pub. 4012 reference pages to help you with each question on the IRS exams.
  1. Basic Exam Study Guide
  2. Advanced Exam Study Guide

2023 IRS Certification Exam Answers Check

Before you submit your exam on the IRS certification site, input your answers in these online forms to check your work. Feedback is given–if you get a question incorrect, it will guide you to the resource you should review.
  1. Basic Exam Answers Check
  2. Advanced Exam Answers Check
  Have questions about the training and certification process?  Email or call 215-454-6483 ext. 922.
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