Each year, CWF recruits over 60 students to serve as Tax Associate interns, an experience that contributes invaluably to their professional and personal careers, offering the chance to apply tax law to a wide variety of income situations, utilize the theory learned in their respective majors (accounting, finance and business), and personally witness the nexus between their career ambitions and the need to stay connected to the communities most marginalized by today’s economy.

  • Enhance Your Resume
  • Put Your Major into Practice
  • Learn Lifelong Skills
  • Flexible Schedule

Interns have recently joined CWF from the following colleges:

Tax Associate Intern

Tax Associate interns are certified at the advanced tax preparation level and assist in the general management of a tax site, including taking on such vital roles as Quality Reviewer.

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One of my highlights for this year. I have never done something like this before, and I was completely out of my comfort zone–I learned a lot.

My first time in a professional setting where I was handling clients on my own. It was a great experience and a way to improve my skills.

Main talking points interviewers asked about. I was able to share great experiences that definitely influenced me landing a full time offer.

This internship has already granted me skills which an employer hired me for! The ability to interact with clients and organize their information is invaluable, as well as the tax preparation skills.