By Nikia Owens, Ph.D.

Filing taxes can be challenging, and mistakes happen. Whether it is a missed deduction, incorrect income, or a forgotten credit, errors on your tax return can cost you. The good news is you can amend your tax return to fix these mistakes. Campaign for Working Families offers free tax preparation services to help you through the process. Here are key tips for amending your tax return:

1. Determine If an Amendment Is Needed

Amend your return if you:

  • Find errors in reported income.
  • Miss deductions or credits.
  • Use the wrong filing status.
  • Change dependents.

CWF Tax Professionals can help review your return and advise if an amendment is necessary.

2. Understand the Deadline

The IRS allows you to file an amended return within:

  • Three years from the date you filed your original return.
  • Two years from the date you paid the tax, whichever is later.

Act quickly to correct errors and claim additional refunds.

3. Gather Your Documents

You will need:

  • Your original tax return.
  • Corrected income statements (W-2s, 1099s).
  • Receipts/documentation for deductions and credits.
  • Any IRS notices/letters regarding your original return.

Having all documents ready makes the process smoother.

4. Use the Correct Form

File Form 1040-X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. This form allows you to correct your original return and explain the changes. Ensure accuracy to avoid further issues.

5. Include All Necessary Schedules and Forms

Include all related schedules/forms with Form 1040-X. For example, include a revised Schedule A if adding a missed deduction. CWF services ensure you have all required documentation.

6. Submit Your Amendment Properly

Mail Form 1040-X and any supporting documents to the IRS address listed in the form’s instructions. Keep copies for your records.

NEED HELP FILING AN AMENDMENT TAX RETURN? Campaign for Working Families provides FREE TAX SERVICES. CALL TODAY 215-454-6483 or visit for more information.

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