Taxes can be complicated, confusing, and overwhelming. Fortunately, Campaign for Working Families (CWF) provides free professional help from IRS-certified tax preparers for low to moderate income individuals in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, and Southern New Jersey. But free tax prep is only one of the services offered by CWF.

Our team also helps working families and individuals build better financial futures to achieve economic independence.

Our expert staff offers resources to help you move beyond living paycheck-to-paycheck by connecting you with tools to create a more secure financial plan. We can help you manage your finances to build wealth for a more stable and secure future. Working with our team will enable you to think about and achieve your long-term financial goals.

The CWF Financial Resource Center

Whether you need assistance setting up a bank account, applying for public benefits, or saving for homeownership, the CWF Financial Resource Center can guide you through the process. Our expert team can provide you with options to help you break the cycle of just getting by. Let our programs get you on the right financial path.

Benefits Screenings

Automated Public Benefit Screenings 

Over 20 public benefit programs are available that can make a significant difference for you and your family. These safety measures ensure you receive the assistance you and your family need. The CWF tax filing process includes an opt-in feature that automatically screens for public benefits eligibility using tax return data. Eligible people are contacted and invited to schedule an application appointment with a Resource Specialist.

Benefits Launch Public Benefit Screening

Another tool to determine if you qualify for benefits is Benefits Launch Express. It’s FREE, easy to use, and only takes a few minutes to answer simple questions about your income and household. Once you complete the questions, you can connect with a Campaign for Working Families Benefits Expert to help you access the benefits you need.

A trained CWF Resource Specialist can use the Community Prism software to apply for up to 21 different public benefits with one application.

Bank Accounts

TruMark Financial Credit Union Savings Accounts

Clients without bank accounts can apply for a TruMark Savings Account while completing their taxes with CWF. The account includes a no-fee debit card and can be used for direct deposit.

Free Credit Reports & Counseling

Lenders, insurers, and landlords use Credit reports to determine if your loan application or lease is accepted. It’s essential to check your credit report to make sure it’s accurate and to make sure there’s no fraudulent activity.

Through its partnership with Clarifi, CWF makes it possible for clients to check their credit reports and access free credit counseling sessions while they wait to have their taxes prepared.

Financial Wellness Workshops

CWF also offers public workshops on various financial wellness topics, including first-time homeownership, saving for education, budgeting, and income tax basics.

Bottom line: CWF Can Put You on the Path to a Better Financial Future—At No Charge!

CWF can help you take the needed steps to free yourself from financial obstacles. Our dedicated team and partners focus on providing strategies that empower working families and individuals to build a secure financial future. We can help you develop strategies to break the cycle of simply getting by. Let us know if we can help you!