The Campaign for Working Families, Inc. (CWF) board of directors is pleased to announce it has named Dr. Nikia Owens as its next President/CEO effective October 1, 2022. Dr. Owens is an energetic leader who brings a wealth of leadership experience from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and a passion for helping working families and individuals achieve economic mobility.

“Our board of directors is thrilled to introduce a leader of Dr. Owens’ caliber into the community to guide this organization,” said Board Chair Richard Stipa, retired CEO of TruMark Financial Credit Union. “We’ve been so fortunate to have an amazing leader in Mary Arthur for over 18 years and are deeply grateful for the investment she has made in building the critical work the organization does. As she retires and transitions, we look forward to her transferring a portion of her knowledge to Dr. Owens. Both Mary and the Board are very optimistic that Dr. Owens possesses a unique set of skills and expertise to accelerate CWF into an even more impactful force for positive change for the individuals and families we serve.

“Along with her business acumen, it was evident to the committee almost immediately that Dr. Owens’ ability to both strategize and engage partners at the highest level aligned very well with the work of Campaign for Working Families. As we look to the future, we’re confident that Dr. Owens is the right person to lead CWF and carry on the long legacy of providing the highest level of service and support to the community.”

For over 20 years, CWF has been a champion for financial stability for working families, operating free community-based tax sites, building credit and savings, accessing public benefits for individuals/families, providing financial literacy, offering match savings programs, and maximizing federal and state tax credits. 

CWF looks forward to Dr. Owens continuing to elevate and champion this important work in Philadelphia and regionally.