Campaign for Working Families Financial Wellness Resource Center

Financial Wellness Resource Center

Where we help you with more than just taxes.

At the Campaign for Working Families Financial Wellness Resource Center (FWRC), our expert staff connect hard working Philadelphians with the tools they need to build wealth, maximize savings and obtain the valuable income supports they need to plan for stable and secure futures. Whether its help opening a bank account, saving for a home, or applying for a public benefit like SNAP, Medicaid or LIHEAP, Campaign can help with that the FWRC.  

Services provided at the Financial Wellness Resource Center

Automated Public Benefit Screenings 

CWF has built an automatic public benefits screening into its tax filing process. All clients who opt-in to this service during intake have their tax return data included in a bi-weekly report that is reviewed for eligibility in up to 21 different public benefits. Those found likely eligible are then contacted and invited to schedule an application appointment with a Resource Specialist. 

Benefits Launch Public Benefit Screenings

Clients who want to be screened for public benefits right away can use Benefits Launch, a web app that screens for public benefit eligibility and then refers clients to their choice of phone, in-person or self-directed assistance. 

Public Benefits Applications

Clients found to be likely eligible through either of the above methods will be able to make an appointment with a trained CWF Resource Specialist who can use the Community Prism software to apply them for up to 21 different public benefits with one application. 

TruMark Financial Credit Union Savings Accounts

CWF’s unbanked clients are able to apply for a TruMark Savings Account while completing their taxes. These accounts come with a no fee debit card and are able to be used for direct deposit. 

Free Credit Reports & Counseling

CWF partners with Clarifi to offer clients free credit counseling sessions while they wait to have their taxes prepared.  

Individual Development Accounts (IDA)

CWF offers clients a matched savings program through the United Way. Clients can save up to $2,000 for their education or a first time home purchase. Those reaching their savings goal will then be given up to $4,000 in match money to be used to their savings goal. 

Financial Wellness Workshops 

CWF presents bi-monthly public workshops on a variety of financial wellness topics. Upcoming offerings include, first time homeownership, saving for education, budgeting and income tax basics.