Our Mission

The Campaign for Working Families, Inc. (CWF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping working families and individuals achieve economic empowerment by providing free tax preparation, resource building and asset development.


CWF was organized in 2003 to help working families move up the economic ladder. Initially created at the Fox Leadership Center at the University of Pennsylvania, the Campaign moved to the offices of the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) in July 2003. UAC served as its managing partner until May 2016. Supported by a strong group of local partners, provides free tax services, access to savings products, help with credit counseling, financial education, information about public benefits, and referrals for other services in neighborhoods throughout the community.

We work to increase the economic viability of low income working households so that they can plan for stable, secure futures and can participate fully in civic and community life. We promote a fair marketplace for financial goods and services and the ability of the people we serve to operate independently in that marketplace.

What We Do . . .

We facilitate increased financial stability and asset accumulation for families by connecting them to valuable tax credits, quality financial services, savings options, wealth building resources and public benefits. We operate community based tax sites offering e-file, direct deposit, public benefits applications, as well as access to pre-paid debit cards and saving products screening to help clients save money. Our services allow families to maximize federal and state tax credits, including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Our Services




Free Tax Preparation & Asset Building


The flagship initiative for is filing both federal and state income taxes for working families and individuals.  We strive to ensure that working people take full advantage of the tax credits available to them including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), a refundable tax credit for low to moderate wage earners.  In addition to tax preparation, at our larger tax sites we offer screenings for public benefits such as SNAP, LIHEAP, CHIP, and Credit Reports.  We offer US Saving Bonds and Pre-Paid Debit Cards at all sites.


Mobile Tax Operation


Campaign for Working Families Mobile Team brings tax preparation, asset development and financial education to businesses, unions, churches and other organizations in the Greater Philadelphia region. Our team sets up one day or multi-day sessions for a host site’s clients, staff and employees at the host site’s location. This operation makes getting your taxes done easy because we bring our excellent services (and technology!) to you. FAFSA support services are also available by request.


Assisted Self Tax-Preparation


Tools such as, TAXFREEDOM assists individuals with self-tax preparation. Individuals with computer skills can learn to complete their own tax return with the assistance of an IRS-certified representative. This is an empowering step toward moving individuals away from for profit tax preparers and toward self-sufficiency. Click here to prepare your own taxes.


Financial Services and Savings Products


Campaign for Working Families continuously strives to build wealth in our constituents’ household. All customers at our tax sites have the opportunity to learn about, and apply for financial services and savings products such as savings bonds and credit counseling as they get their taxes prepared.


Advocacy and Organizing


Campaign for Working Families is an active partner on a number of local, regional and national advocacy working groups that seek to impact policies to improve lives for working families. During tax season 2011 we worked closely with the Coalition for Healthy Families and Workplaces to engage our customer base with a postcard campaign in support of earned sick time legislation. Over 1,500 customers were engaged and some showed further support at city council hearings. continues to find ways to make connections between larger policy goals and the individuals they impact.


Community Workshops


Campaign for Working Families is available to provide educational presentations for community groups, employees, program participants, parents and others on tax and financial stability issues. From senior citizens to high school students and everyone in between, is capable of providing information that is valuable to understanding and managing one’s tax situation and finances. We are currently offering a presentation on Understanding Your Taxes for people who are looking to build their personal financial management skills and understand their tax situation. This course can be offered in conjunction with our Assisted Self-Preparation program, described in more detail above, so that participants can apply new skills in real time with the support of an IRS-certified staff member.

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