By Nikia Owens, Ph.D.

Campaign for Working Families (CWF) recently hosted a volunteers’ day event, marking the commencement of volunteer engagement and preparations for an ambitious goal: providing support for an estimated 40,000 tax filers in the 2024 season. This gathering was a functional exercise in logistics and a vibrant display of communal spirit and dedication.

At CWF, we proudly offer free tax services, a commitment made possible by our volunteers. Their dedication is not measured merely in the hours they devote or the number of folders they stuff. The true value of their contribution lies in the compassion and commitment they bring to CWF mission.

Our volunteers’ role is pivotal. By assisting thousands of individuals and families, they are instrumental in putting millions of dollars back into the hands of those in dire need. This service extends beyond mere financial relief. In the process, our volunteers gain an in-depth understanding of tax laws, an invaluable knowledge that continues to benefit them and the community, long after their tenure with us.

This act of volunteering is a journey of fulfillment and profound impact, echoing the core values and mission of CWF. It is also a journey that enriches those who serve and those we serve. Every folder prepared, every tax return filed, marks a step towards empowerment and financial stability for our community.

I extend a heartfelt invitation to community members, students, and professionals alike to join us in this rewarding endeavor. Your contribution, be it time, expertise, or enthusiasm, will help in our mission to build and serve. 


3 thoughts on “40,000 TAX FILINGS: GETTING STARTED ”

  1. I live in Atlantic City and would like to go to ocean city location to file for taxes. When is the best time to file for me and my wife?
    My phone number is 609-742-0755
    Victor Vicky Jenkins.
    We are a long time participant in this program.

  2. me and my wife have been participating with CWF for sometime. We would like to file our taxes at your Ocean City location. How soon can we make an appointment?

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