3-Point Priorities in the Service of the People

By Nikia Owens, Ph.D. President and CEO, Campaign for Working Families

Leading Campaign for Working Families (CWF), my approach is guided by a triad of priorities that inform every decision and strategy I develop. The first of these priorities is the staff. I personally and professionally support each team member because I believe that having the right people in the right roles sets the tone for CWF’s entire operation.. When staff feel valued and respected, it positively influences and sets the culture and in turn, affects how we interact with the communities CWF serves.

Once a synergistic team is in place, the second priority is aligning all Campaign’s efforts with its mission and vision. These are not just words on a strategic document; they are the very compass by which we navigate our actions and evaluate progress. My role involves formulating strategies and identifying the necessary infrastructure and capacity to effectively meet Campaign’s goals.

The third priority is accountability and adaptability. While having plans and systems in place is crucial, it is equally important to assess their efficacy constantly. I always circle back to evaluate how well the strategies are being implemented and whether our actions yield the desired outcomes. This assessment is a feedback loop involving inputs from all organizational levels and helps us understand if things are panning out as planned or if there is a need for course correction.

To strengthen the team further, I have posted a Chief of Staff position on the CWF website under the Careers section. Please consider applying if Campaign’s mission resonates with you and you feel you can contribute to CWF’s cause. Alternatively, if you know someone who would be an asset to the team, I would appreciate you forwarding this opportunity to them.

My last take is an effective organization is not built in a day or by the efforts of a single person. It is everyone’s collective drive and commitment, guided by a well-defined set of priorities. At CWF, the triad of priorities—people, mission/vision, and accountability—ensures we stay true to the ultimate goal: serving the people. By building the right team, focusing on the mission and vision, and continually assessing the effectiveness, we aim to create a lasting impact on the individuals and families we serve.

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